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Nowadays, as a new type of fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer not only has various formulations, but also has flexible application methods. It can irrigate the soil, make the roots of plants fully contact with fertilizers, and breathe nutrients as much as possible. It can be sprayed on the leaf surface, and enter the plant through the stomata on the leaf surface, so as to improve the absorption of fertilizers. Utilization ratio; drip irrigation and soilless cultivation can also save irrigation water and improve labor productivity. In the process of fertilization, in order to achieve the best effect, we should combine the characteristics of water-soluble fertilizer and master certain fertilization techniques.
Water Soluble Fertilizer Granules
Water Soluble Fertilizer Granules
1. Avoid direct irrigation and adopt secondary dilution method. Because water-soluble fertilizer is different from general compound fertilizer, farmers can not apply fertilizer according to the conventional method, resulting in uneven fertilization, burning seedlings, weak seedlings and other phenomena, secondary dilution ensures even fertilization, improve fertilizer utilization rate.
2. Strictly control the amount of fertilization. Water-soluble fertilizer has higher nutrient content and less amount than general compound fertilizer. Because of its high efficiency, it is difficult to retain in the soil for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of fertilizer application and avoid the loss of fertilizer, that is, to reduce the economic benefits of fertilization, so as to achieve the goal of high yield, high quality and high efficiency.
3. Use only or mix with non-alkaline pesticides as far as possible. For example, when vegetable deficiency or root growth is poor, many farmers use water-soluble fertilizer spraying to alleviate it. This reminds farmers that water-soluble fertilizers should be applied alone or mixed with non-alkaline pesticides as far as possible to avoid metal ions reacting



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